Winds of change: What comes next on this journey?


It’s been almost a year since I began the ten foot journey and I’ve never explained what it’s really all about. The truth is, I too have been trying to figure out what my vision of this journey is and I’ve been completely off lately. I want you all to understand this, I began this blog to share with all of you yes, but most importantly to build a personal brand. Which I can honestly say, I’ve never really understood what that truly meant. What is it do I want out of this blog? Now, I got a pretty good idea of what it is.

When you follow this blog, you’re saying I can’t wait to see what comes next. Often times, I don’t know yet. But the funny thing about life is, it’s constantly changing, whether you choose to move along with it or not. Life goes on because it must. I remember saying this to my best friend the other night. This is a quote that I live by daily. The winds are finally changing and where it takes me will depend.

Changes to come…

I’ve yet to make an international trip, however, that’s about to change. Because now I am officially working a part time virtual job that will allow me to travel frequently, work remotely while earning some steady income. The company’s name is Lifebushido and I officially started in September. I am still learning a lot but thankfully the hours are flexible which gives me time to work on my blog and have some fun.

This have provided me with a lot of freedom which is why I wanted a part time job. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given. And honestly, the company focuses on our unique talents in a way to better the performance of their business. This has helped me so much creatively that I have ideas for the future of the site.

But it’s not the only change that I’m making. I recently began an overhaul of my shop page. The reason was simple, I wanted to properly evaluate what products I was offering to my readers. It’s easy for bloggers to stay focused on the bigger picture of our blogs earning money. However, our blogs are our brands and in my case, the ten foot journey is an extension of myself and I don’t intend to create this fake version of me that’s untrustworthy for money. So whatever products I choose to put in my shop are those that I use, believe in or have created myself. I hate being offered things that I have no use for or don’t work and refuse to do this to others.

A new course

After much thought, deliberation, hoping and praying, I’ve decided to create more video content on my youtube channel. The ten foot journey youtube channel already has one video I did early this year. At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to put on youtube. I already follow 3 channels and visit the rest and thought about putting up cooking videos. Then I realized that I didn’t want a food site. I just love sharing recipes so you’ll have to come to the blog to see any of my creations.

In the end, I chose to make videos about my journeys. Each and every trip I take, location I’ve been and what I’ve done. It’s really is a great way to not only promote your site but share various content. There are many people who would rather watch a video than read or some do both. Which is why each videos will carry a post or is apart of a post (unless I say otherwise). I know there are plenty of travel channels on youtube and I think it’s important for all of us to share our individual journey.

I’m still camera shy and will need some time to fully relax but it’s a challenge I happily accept. If after sometime I still don’t like it then I’ll stop but I have a feeling that I won’t.

Adventures ahead

The adventure has so far taken me across the island but now it’s time to take on the world. As I evolve as a traveler and individual, my style of travel might change.  I might continue to travel part time or make full time travel a lifestyle. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. You can’t make detailed plans about the future because it’s uncertain. But it’s so important to keep your mind open as well as your heart to learn and grow. Without it, there can’t be change or revelation and in this life one thing that is certain… and that is everything can and will change.

2 thoughts on “Winds of change: What comes next on this journey?

  1. It’s exciting to see what you have planned for the future! I truly wish I had a flexible job that allowed me to travel more however it’s hard when you live in London (way too expensive to work part time!) and have kids 🙂 Good luck with YouTube!

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