Travel wish list 2.0: embracing adventure by air

adventure by air

Let me just come right out and say it… I’m terrified of air travel. I thought I’d get over it after flying the first time at age 9. But it seems to creep its way back into my life. You should never let fear to control of your life. Whatever you think you’re afraid of has no power over you. It’s the fear that has the power. That’s why it’s important to never let fear discourage you from living your dreams and adventure.

Now this is my second travel wish list that I’ve written. The more I learn the more my list seems to expand. And the one thing that I’ve seemed to have taken an interest to is travel by air. I think it’s something you can be brave enough to try once while others I’d do again. And I’m not referring to traveling by airplane.

This time, the travel wish list is focusing on embracing adventure by air. I want to point out that nothing on the ten foot journey is about becoming a hardcore daredevil adventurer. It’s about opening your mind to the possibilities of adventure taking us to places we haven’t been before. Exploring God’s green earth in the most spectacular way. This list is most important to me because it’s my first step of facing my fear of flying head on by redirecting my focus.

If you’re like me, you want to go out and fill your life with amazing experiences. And you don’t want fear to take away what could be the most wonderful experience you’d ever have in your life. I say find the one thing (legal I hope) you’re most scared of and DO IT. For me, it’s exploring by air and so here’s my travel wish list embracing adventure by air:

adventure by air
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  • Hot air ballooning– This is my favourite of the 3 air travel on this list. Hot air ballooning involves cruising the sky  by an hot air balloon. A hot air balloon is an aircraft which uses heated air to fly. The first time I saw a hot air balloon were pics from a festival in Albuquerque New Mexico.  It’s definitely at the top of travel by air must do list.

adventure by air

  • Paragliding– This extremely adventurous yet scary looking sport involves using a parachute like glider aircraft with a harness. I think it would be an amazing experience to have soaring above the ground.

adventure by air

  • Skydiving– Ok… so you remember when I mentioned above that there are some adventure I’d only do ONCE? Well here it is. Skydiving, the most terrifying of the 3 air adventures on this list. I know so many people who aspire to experience it even once. Yet I’ve always been that one person who seemed to have no issue keeping my feet on the ground (call me crazy). But it’s a scary thought falling how many thousands of feet from the sky relying on a mere parachute that may deploy to save your life.

If you’re reading this, I know you’re asking yourself “well if you’re that scared, why do it?”. Good question, but why do anything in the first place. There are many small things that we fear but we still do them. We’re afraid of getting into a car accident but we drive with no worry. We want to go see our family or friends in the next country and jump in a plane even though we afraid of plane crashes. We do it with the faith that everything will be ok. That living a life with fear is not living but merely existing. It’s as I said before, take away one important advice from this post and never let fear rule your life. Because what you’re afraid of has no power, it’s the fear that has the power.

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