Transforming your life by changing your habits


We all have bad habits that we want to change. Habits that every single time we think of them, we can’t help but cringe. This could be eating habits or otherwise. I have habits that I desperately want to change. I sometimes wish that there was a quick remedy that would help me get rid of them overnight. But that’s not a realistic and practical way of approaching it and breaking these habits.

Do you want to lose weight? Change your thought process? Start pursuing your interests more such as travel? I know I do. I searched high and low trying to find ways to help me change. When I began my weight loss journey, I went from eating low fat, to the keto diet, then towards paleo. Each time I was on a diet, I felt like this would help me lose weight (some did) ┬ábut it never seemed sustainable. This wasn’t helping me at all. Once I took what I learn from all the diets that I did, I decided that the only way I can lose weight and maintain it for the rest of my life is to make healthy eat a lifestyle. How could I do that? By changing the way I saw food and my habits.

Changing the way you think

Our entire mindset is heavily influenced by the media and society. That’s why we often march to the same beat as everyone else. We’ve stopped listening to that unique voice inside our heads that tell us what is right or wrong. In short, we’ve stopped trusting ourselves. But not to worry, this is something that we can fix at any stage of our lives.

Going back to the example of losing weight, I started taking what I learnt from the diets. I learnt that reducing your carb intake, eating fresh food made from plants and animals and drastically reducing refined, process and pre-packaged food will help you lose weight faster and maintain the weight. After 2 months on keto then a few weeks paleo, I began implementing what I learnt into my life. I educated myself about the nutrition facts about all the food I ate as well as the serving sizes example quarter, half or one cup measurements.

This new knowledge change the way I saw healthy eating. I wanted to reduce my carb intake but not too much because it does make me lose weight, have moderate fat and nourish my body. With all I learnt, it helped me change the way I ate by first making changes to the ingredients I use in cooking and the portion sizes. I always ate until I was full, I don’t count calories or macros on every meal anymore. I have since lost about 30 pounds, eating feels completely normal to me like it did before and thereby, creating new habits into my everyday which became a naturally instinct.

Creating new lifestyle habits

Changing your habits takes time. It’s a process that I recommend you don’t try to rush because you miss out alot on the experiences and knowledge you gain. There’s so much you can learn about yourself and your issue that can easily be overlooked. That’s why it’s important that you pay close attention and be absolutely present minded when going through the process.

After sometime, I realized that I subconsciously choose healthier foods whether I’m eating out or in 90- 95% of the time and had few unhealthy foods alot less. I never felt guilty eating refined high carbed food because I only had it when I felt like, which was little to none. I don’t categorized food as good or bad nor do I believe in such a thing as a “cheat day”, just a day I ate different food. My choices changed because of what I gained in knowledge and understanding and so can you.

You’re problems (certain) can only change by learning that it’s not willpower that helps certain people change. It’s learning, evolving and developing new habits that ultimately become apart of your life. You truly want to change such as travel, lose weight or have other issues. Then you should start by doing your research. Understand your problem, make a plan of action, create goals that’ll help you stay focused and make those new habits apart of your way of life.

Reach your goals

There are many ways to get to your goals. You may need to change your path, set a new course but always keep your destination in mind. The journey to where we want to be is a process. The winds change, the road becomes rough and you’re left feeling completely exhausted. It’s at that time you must remind yourself of the reward at the end of the journey. It’s you who will write your journey and create your destiny.


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