Hellshire Beach Jamaica- urban fun in the sun

Hellshire beach

Nothing beats a little fun in the sun. Because of it’s close proximity to Kingston, Hellshire is a favourite destination for many of us living in the corporate area. It’s why I named Hellshire beach as one the best places in Kingston Jamaica for outdoor fun (technically it’s in Portmore but I digress). Whenever I want a quick weekend beach getaway that’s not expensive near the city, I head over to Hellshire.

There are many beaches in the Hellshire area but the most popular is Hellshire beach, otherwise known as fisherman’s beach. When you get there, you’ll see why. You will see many fisherman taking their boats out to sea. It’s said that the ecosystem changes daily at Hellshire beach due to erosion. This causes many businesses to move their location further in land to avoid having the sea at their doorstep. But this has not stop any visitors from coming here.  There’s no entry fee and the beach is pretty nice. There are a variety of things that you can do here and you’re sure to enjoy which includes:


  • Swimming– the first thing had to be the most obvious. The water temperature may vary by the time of day you go. Generally when you first step foot in the water it can feel a little cold but changes once you’re in. I enjoy swimming here because the water always feel nice. You may have to watch out for debris due to visitors who litter but it’s mostly fine.

  • Water sports– you can rent jet skis and hire inner- tubes for a little fun on the water. Ensure that the you rent equipment legally from operators. There have been multiple warnings from the Jamaican government about this due to safety issues.

  • Donkey rides– This is the one thing that I love seeing on the beach. You can pay to ride a donkey (yep I said donkey… not horse but a donkey) on the beach. Children as well as adults enjoy this the most. If you’re a tourist visiting Hellshire beach, please don’t leave without going on a donkey ride.

  • Music– when you’re close by or at the beach, you’ll notice that there are sound system out either on the deck or on the sand playing a variety of music. Including the popular reggae and dancehall music that Jamaica is well known for. You’ll find many enjoy the music as they lounge, some you’ll even see dancing and having a good time. Music is such a big part of the Jamaican culture, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere in the island without hearing it on many street corners and establishments.

  • Seafood, particularly fried fish– Yummm… ok my mouth is watering as I write this. As I mentioned before, there are many different vendors and businesses located right on the beach. This might be a turn off for many travelers but if you don’t mind it, you’ll find some amazing local cuisines. Hellshire is well known for it’s seafood thanks in part of the many fishing boats that go out on a daily basis (hence the name fisherman’s beach). Then sell their fresh fish to the restaurants, from the sea to the table basically. A popular choice is the fried fish with a variety of side such as festival (a Jamaican version of hush puppies), rice and peas and so much more. It’s definitely a must stop for a food or seafood lover for fresh fish.



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