Dunn’s river falls: cascading falls and pristine water in Ocho Rios

Dunn's river falls

When I first visited Dunn’s river falls and park, I was about 6 years old and it was easter. In honour of my favourite easter vacation spot, I decided to write a post about it. I touched a little bit on Dunn’s river in the post 5 beautiful beaches to visit in Ocho Rios Jamaica. Now I want to talk a little bit about the thing Dunn’s river is well known for, the falls!

If you’re outgoing and love adventure, then climbing the falls at Dunn’s river is just up your alley. Measuring at about 1000 feet (300 m) height, the cascading waterfalls flows into the Caribbean sea.  It can be a relatively hard climb which is why each group led by guides with a human chain formed as people held hands ascending the falls.

The guides are really friendly and fun loving. They do everything from hold items that you don’t want to fall in the water and give you great advice on where to step. They also love cheering you on as a sign of support as you climb. Depending on how long you’ll be climbing (which is generally 1-2 hours) , you’ll need it. But don’t worry, the climb is really fun and easier than you think.

What you’ll need

Water shoes are recommended to be worn during the climb. However, I’ve seen many people climb without it. You’ll also need a bathing suit, shorts or swimsuits that won’t be conflicting in the water. Sun screen is always a good thing to have especially during a climb on a hot sunny day. The cost to climb the falls are Adults US $20 and children US $12.


Marvel at the landscape

Along the climb up, you’ll notice the beautiful nature surrounding the falls. Imagine lush green vegetation, plants and trees that shades you from the sun and provide climbers cool areas during short breaks. It’s truly a beautiful site, you’re eyes are drown towards the landscape constantly. But be reminded to not get too distracted, loose your footing and fall in.

Photo credit inside journeys

Interesting history of Dunn’s river

Formerly called named “Xayamaca” by the Arawak, which meant “The land of rivers and springs”. The Spaniards later named it “Las Chorreras”. In 1657, The Spaniards and the British fought a famous battle here called “Las Chorreras”. Both sides fought to claim possession of the island in which the English won. A man name Charles Pryce had first claimed ownership of “Las Chorreras” under the rule of the British and changed to Ocho Rios which means “eight rivers”.

However, I’ve learnt that there are just four rivers in the area including Dunn’s river with cascading waterfalls that flows unending directly into the Caribbean sea.

Dunn’s river falls is an excellent climb for all nature lovers and adventure seekers. Apart from the falls, you can have a nice picnic in the sand or on one of the picnic table provided on location. You can also catch a gorgeous sunset from the beach and soak in the beauty of mother nature.


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