About Us

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness:”– Charles Spurgeon.

Founded in 2017, thetenfootjourney.com was created by me, Tenesha Graham. I began this website to share amazing stories. These stories are inspired by my new way of life. But in order for you to understand, let me take you to where it all began. Six years ago I left high school and made preparation for college. I got into every single school I applied to, including one in British Columbia Canada that I really wanted to attend. However, I was never able to.

I wasn’t able to pay for school, whether locally or internationally. I decided to stay in Jamaica and try working. Try as I may, I couldn’t secure anything permanently to pay for school. Taking a student loan was out of the question, especially with my family’s financial state. I was angry, depressed and felt like I was being left behind. So I decided to do something on my own and start a business online.

I first had an independent news site with my brother. I soon learnt that it was impossible for me to run a successful business with my brother. Running a news website is also alot harder than it looks and I didn’t love it either. For the sake of my relationship with my brother as well as my peace of mind, I quit. I then tried dropshipping on eBay, which was doing ok but didn’t work as well as I’d liked.

Finally when it all seemed hopeless, my best friend pushed me to “do something!”. She practically yelled at me to either to start a blog or vlogging on youtube and share something I had. I’m so glad she did and I decided to start this site in honour of my new journey, the ten foot journey. The stories I share here aren’t a way for me to get famous or rich. It’s about this new way of life that I’ve undertaken. I’ve gone from dreaming about it to actually living it. And that, is what the ten foot journey is all about.

I travel for adventure, to do amazingly extraordinary things I’ve never done before such as scuba diving, trekking, caving and much more. I see new cultures, new languages, I explore archaeological and historic sites. I marvel at something and feel compelled to tell it’s story. I’m not a full time traveler (nor wish to be), but my perspective has changed completely. I no longer wait to live the life I want. This has also helped me to changed other aspects of my life. I live a simple life doing the things I love, spending time with the people I love, eat healthy well balanced whole foods, embracing new experiences and accepting all that happens in life. But my true journey has only just begun.

The ten foot journey is about a fulfilling lifestyle that centers around travel, adventure and truly living life. With the hope of also inspiring you, you’re continuously taken on the journey with me and share in all the adventures.




About the founder

I grew up in Kingston Jamaica and lived in Clarendon Jamaica for 5 years. Ever since I was young, I had a passion for travel, adventure, cooking, dancing, history and most important, writing. From my tomboy days of climbing to the top of trees with a book in hand, daydreaming about all the things I’d someday do. Now I believe is the time to make those dreams a reality.

All of this started after I decided to take control of my life. Finding a way to live/ create the life that I’ve been dreaming of and lead it in a way that made me happy. I hope to relay this same message to all of you. I’ve been inspired by so many people and events which has changed my life. I consider myself a storyteller and I’m happy to share this new journey with you.

This is the most terrifying thing for me to ever do. Which is precisely the reason why I’m doing it. I will do my best to share all tips, advice as well as compelling stories as I can. I’m really happy to have you join me on this journey. A very complex yet life changing one as I navigate this crazy journey we call life.


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