A New Day… New Job… No Expectations


I know it’s been a while since I updated the blog. That’s because I’ve been wrestling with the content. Lately, all I seem to be posting about is food. This is NOT a food blog. I just so happen to love the new the recipes I create and come across. But today is a new day. With that being said, it’s a new day with a new job but absolutely no expectations.

A New Day

Everyday is a new day. And for me, there are so many new exciting yet terrifying things that take place as the year goes by. It almost feels as if each day is a new year or the year restarted itself. Could you imagine that? If life had a reset button? Haha that would bring a whole new set of troubles. But as Sophia Petrillo (Golden Girls) would say, I digress.

There has been so many changes going on with me recently. I couldn’t wait to share them but at the same time, I couldn’t. It’s mostly because of a blog post I shared earlier this year. I expected that I would travel more because of the new job I got last year. That didn’t work out.

The truth is, while I still work for that online company. They don’t have as much work for the amount of people they hire. It’s mostly a project based part time job. It leaves little room for growth for me. I’ve also faced my share of struggles at home where I felt the need even MORE to find a stable income. And so, I did. Which leads me to my new point.

New Job… Here we go again

I ended getting a new job. That’s right, I got a brick and mortar job and I make NO apology for it. It’s a technical support position at an international call center based in Jamaica. It’s located in over 40 countries around the world. I accepted because the truth is, I needed the money.

There are things I need to do such as medical, personal care and especially saving. I couldn’t do that without money and that project based job wasn’t cutting it.

I knew it was time when I started thinking about an old dream of mine. A dream for the last 7 years that I can’t share with you now. But I will in the hopefully near future. This, coupled with my online job will definitely help me get there. This year I had a lot of hopes and dreams but now they seem so small. I never expected it to feel this way. So I guess that’s why I have absolutely no expectations now.

No expectations… and proud of it

Growing up, I had way too much expectations. Thinking that life would just work itself out just as I want. But after I left high school, life threw me a curve ball. Since then, I’ve dropped my expectations and that’s left room for openness and growth. Maybe that’s how it’s meant to happen for me.

Now I’m about to begin a new job in a new environment I’m not familiar with. I’m not afraid but I am nervous. I can write about it now because this is the first time in my life that I’m entering into something with absolutely no expectations, other than doing my best. This is such a blessing, I can’t even describe it.

My hope is that everyone will know this feeling of just jumping into something without wanting too much. Just letting go and let life happen then dealing with it as time goes by. There’s nothing we can do to change what’s meant to happen. All we can do is do our best and hope. Hope it all works out for the better.

Final word

Now that this new chapter is beginning, I want everyone to know about it. I made the decision earlier this year to change my blog into a lifestyle blog because I realized that this journey was a personal one. I needed to live my truth so other would share and live theirs as well.

My hope for the future of this blog is to have others share their life’s journey with me and open up blog contributors as well. What a better way to learn how to navigate the journey called life by hearing the stories of others and use that to inspire, develop and grow as individuals. I’m excited for the journey. Until next time guys, and I promise that I will try to go back to posting once a week again. Love you guys, cheers!

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