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Did I ever tell you guys that the ten foot journey was almost something else? When I started the process of becoming a blogger, I was advised by many to choose a niche. This meant I had to choose among my interests.

Travel stuck out to me the most. The reason for that was simple… I wanted to change my life, live more adventurous and travel was the perfect way. Even though I had already bought the domain, I decided to get a new domain. What was the name going to be? “Seismic world“! Sounds pretty extravagant right? I thought so too.

Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately) the name and all it’s variants were taken. That was disappointing and put a snag in my plans. I decided to use the ten foot journey to do what I wanted on seismic world instead. And so, I began blogging and soon found out that I enjoyed it. But something didn’t feel right and I couldn’t figure it out until now.

You know how when we were growing up, we did all sorts of extracurricular activities like soccer, piano lessons and boys scout. That was us (and our parents) way of finding/ developing our interests. Some of us were in multiple clubs and teams because we loved them all. Many of us who are now adults still pursue multiple interests. These interests have become our passion and add value to our lives and even gives us purpose. We pursue all of these passions whether professionally or recreational, because it makes us happy just to have it in our lives.

This is similar to what was happening to me. I wanted to be taken seriously as a travel writer. Therefore, I had to write about travel a lot more. I loved it but it felt limiting and not fully communicating what the ten foot journey was all about. As I said in a previous post, I had to really think about what the ten foot journey meant. What was it’s mission? Therein lies the answer… the name of the website.

The ten foot journey is my journey throughout this life. My growth, every stage, new paths, struggles and adventures. In a way, it’s also about your journey too. I started this blog to share with all of you and for you to share with me. It’s a different approach but one that I happily do. And that’s when it hit me, I’ve been feeling off because I wasn’t communicating my journey to it’s fullest. I knew it was time for a change.

If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning then you know that the theme, categories and pages are different. It’s not a mere travel blog anymore… it is in fact a lifestyle blog. You may have an assumption of what a lifestyle blog is. After I read a great post about lifestyle blogging on, I knew straight away that there were going to be misconceptions.

A lifestyle blog isn’t pointless blogging or writing about everything under the sun. A lifestyle blog documents the owner’s life, interests, values and thoughts. These blogs pick niches based on their own interests and appeal to readers who share the same. They dive deep into these niches individually. Readers who are interested in any of the categories as well as the writer’s point of view, follow that blog. This is exactly what’s happening with me.

The truth is, the ten foot journey was never a mere travel blog. While I enjoyed writing about travel, I couldn’t fully commit to it. I also had a passion for cooking and would post recipes. Especially after I began eating healthy, it became a huge part of my life. Then there are posts like this, ones that are topic specific call it self help/ development or advice. I really enjoyed it and I think someone could benefit from it. Like other lifestyle bloggers, I write about my interests. I wouldn’t care about writing fashion, home decor or DIY because they’re not my interests.

Now I’m at the point where I’m finally liberated with my writing. I write about 3 categories on my site; destination + adventure, lifestyle and recipes. From these categories, I can pursue my other interests. For example, travel writing has led me to share adventures about history, archaeology, outdoor adventures such as hiking, scuba diving and nature. Recipes helps me to share my new eating habits and weight loss goals. Finally lifestyle lets me talk about life topics that matters to me that are relevant to my life and even tie into all 3 categories. Last but definitely not least, I get to write again. I feel inspired and motivated by these 3 categories to dig deep and share something truest to me. I’m sure it also resonates with some of you too.

This new affirmed path into lifestyle blogging might be misunderstood. But makes perfect sense to me. I’m enjoying blogging these days. I’m coming up with good content that means something to me. I can’t wait to see where this path will take me and what I will do. I know I’m going to enjoy the journey, my journey and tell my story in a way only I can!

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