Setting a course: the plan, navigate and taking action


Since my last post, I’ve become more proactive about my travel plans. Trying to figure out where to go in this very large world can be a bit overwhelming. Especially when you only have a handful of countries that you’ve ever wanted to visit. I want to look past that, open myself to the world and set a new course wherever I’m led. I’m taking action!

I have discovered a whole new world of thought. It’s even more exciting now that I have chosen where my plans are for the remainders of the year into 2018 (if I’m lucky to see it). I’m all too happy to share what adventure awaits me in the coming weeks.

The Plan.

I have narrowed down my plans to a few locations based on my interests. First off, I will be joining my friends on a trip up to the Blue mountains. I’ve talk quite a bit about the blue mountains in previous posts and for good reason. It’s the highest mountain peak in Jamaica and a very beautiful place with staggering views. I can’t talk enough about it. I will be filming the adventures for the ten foot journey youtube channel so you can look forward to that.

My next adventure will have me returning to Ocho Rios to visit Good Hope Adventure Park & Falls. This trip will be packed with activities fit for an outdoor enthusiast such as myself. Yes it’s a bit touristy but with good reason. It’s jammed packed with plenty activities for outdoorsy people and nature lovers. I’m not even going to begin to tell you what you can expect to see. I’m just gonna surprise you with what’s to come.

Last but definitely not least will be my first ever international adventure. The destination I have chosen has been one close to my heart and it is Martinique. Ever since I learnt about Martinique and saw pictures of it, I knew I wanted to visit there. It’s a gorgeous island in the Caribbean and what better way to start my overseas exploration. The thing that struck me the most about Martinique is the fact that it has a semi- active volcano with a tragic yet interesting history. There’s also a lot of historic sites to be seen which is something I love.

Actions speaks louder…

At the end of it all, as Elizabeth Gilbert said in Eat, pray and loveI want to go somewhere and marvel at something. Whenever I go to historic places with a real story to tell, I feel the need to share it. As if it could help or inspire someone. Or teach something that is of great importance. Just passing along its story is a way for it to live on for years. After all, the past could be long forgotten if there wasn’t anyone to tell it.

I won’t lie to you, I’m scared. My whole life I’ve always had a bunch of people I’m familiar with traveling with me. And you never know, maybe one day I’ll be traveling with my own family. But now it’s my time to explore the world in the way I can, taking action and letting go of any other expectations. I do want to marvel at something, I want to participate, to open my mind, explore, grow and be forever change. I go with little to no expectation yet I know I’ll still be stunned by what’s to come. It’s a long road from here and I can’t wait to see where it’ll take me.

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