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Egg, sausage and plantain scrambled

The simple things are truly the best in life. You get up, grab a few ingredients from your fridge and make a nice hot cup of coffee or tea and a warm delicious breakfast. That was definitely my feeling yesterday when I made this dish. On Sunday, I came across this recipe for a vegetable […]

Real foods farmer’s market grocery haul

In our house, I go to the super market and mom goes to the farmer’s market. The largest market is known as “Coronation market” in downtown Kingston. The reason my mom goes is because she grew up in the countryside of the island and know quality food when she sees it. She has built up […]

Facing roadblocks: no dreams and goals

There have been times when I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with my life. I still face that sometimes. That uncertainty of “is this right for me?”. It’s incredibly confusing and can leave you feeling depressed. I know because I recently went through this. I felt like I didn’t know what I was […]


The ten foot stories

Hanna: The making and story behind my first book

Wow…. Have I missed you guys. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I posted. A lot has happened, really exciting news to come. The first thing I guess I should share is that I somehow managed to write a book. Yep, you heard right. In February, I was plagued by a daydream […]

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