As a traveler and a cook, there are certain products that I’ve found reliable and love. They’ve proven to be of great use in my life. The selected items that you see displayed are affiliate links. That means, I receive a commission on purchases made by you and are at no additional cost. These are the products that I recommend because of how well it works. *Please note- I’m very particular about the products I display so right now there’s only a few listed but will grow overtime. Travel products coming soon…

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5. Qt. Anolon Tri Ply Clad Saute Pan

Kinetic 3-Quart Stainless Steel Saucepan with Lid

5.5- Qt Fontignac Enameled Cast Iron Dutch oven

Non- Stick Copper Frying Pan

Non- Stick Rectangle Steel Bread Loaf Pan

Norpro Stainless Steel 10x15 Baking Cookie Sheet