Accommodations & Airfare

Hotels has an excellent deal finder widget with defined searches providing daily and weekly deals. The deal finder takes information such as destinations, hotels, landmarks and address to filter through deals faster.


Another options for finding deals on flights.  Find and book the cheapest flights possible, with a variety of low-cost flights and traditional airliners with an interactive map.


Homestay connects you with over 50,000 registered local hosts in over 150 countries.  Guests get to stay with locals in their homes and experience their local cultures and explore each destinations the way they do.


This website offers a chance to find amazing deals on airfare, hotels, vacation rentals, cars rentals and great bundles.


Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean offers regular weekly deals on holidays and cruises with special offers.

Cruise Direct

Cruise directs offers you more cruise options. Finds weekly deals from cruise liners around the world. Match prices from different cruisers including your favourite cruise and choose the one that best fits your budgets or has a better deal.