How to prepare for your first adventure


I love the great outdoors. As an outdoorsy girl, whenever I travel, I always target locations with interesting activities to do. Yes I love the city (I grew up in one) but there’s something special about nature and all the adventures that can take place out there. But before you dive head first, make sure that you prepare for what activities you’re about to undertake.

Preparing for your first trip is very important. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling locally or overseas, having a list of things you need could help you out. With that in mind, each item mentioned below will vary depending on the destination, temperature, travel restrictions and activities you intend on doing.

So how do you prepare for your first adventure? Here are some ways you can:

  1. Decide on where you’re going– Location! Location! Location! Almost everyone wants to travel more. Many have already bucket listed countries that they’d like to see. Once you’ve decided on where you want to go, you can begin to take other important things into consideration. Such as temperature, social, economical or political issues, travel documents and what are some great things to do there. Make sure your physical prepared for whatever adventure you’re about to undertake. If you’re going hiking, try going for long walks prior to the trip. Get your energy and stamina level up.
  2. Flights and Accommodations– Once you’ve decide on where you want to go and do. It’s time to make the necessary booking arrangements. You can find, compare and find flights to fit you’re price range. There are many choices for you to find accommodations. Ever thought about saving money on accommodations by staying in someone’s house?¬†? Many travelers have done that.
  3. Travel documents and needs-¬†After you’ve finalized your destination, think about important documents and other necessities you’ll need. These includes a passport, visas, travel insurance, ticket, cash/ credit cards, medication and so on. This is why a checklist is important to use when going over what to bring.
  4. Equipment– Are you going to trek the Himalayas, going on a safari or scuba diving in the red sea? Be prepared and bring the necessary clothing such as swimsuits, sandals, jackets and boots. Try your best to travel light, create a checklist in case you’ll forget other items such as your camera, cellphone and charger, maps, toiletries, miscellaneous items such as sunglasses, other electronics and outdoor gear depending on your trip purpose. There are certain outdoor gears that you won’t have to take with you. The reason is that you can rent equipment while you’re there or it’ll be provided for you depending on your arrangements. Please remember to do your research carefully before committing to anything.
  5. GO!– it’s now the time to embark on your first adventure. You’ve taken all the necessary precautions and now the fun begins. It’s important to keep in mind that you are a guest in someone else’s country (if you’re traveling overseas). And should always respect their culture. Be mindful of you’re surroundings, laws and other situations. Be careful, accidents can happen anywhere. It’s unlikely but can happen (which is why travel insurance is always recommended). Remember to be careful of where you eat in case of food poisoning. But most importantly, remember to have fun, let go and be present in where you are. Enjoy the location, culture, people and get excited for the adventure. The memories that you’ll make is sure to last a lifetime.

4 thoughts on “How to prepare for your first adventure

  1. This is a great post! As a traveler myself, I can relate with all the valid points you've brought up here. It's good to break the process down in steps, especially for someone who's planning their first big adventure! You've done a great job at doing that! I'm sure several people who come across this blog will find it super beneficial. Thanks for sharing!

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