Why I travel part-time and balance a life at home

travel part-time

When I started this blog, I realized that it was time to make some serious changes in my life. I couldn’t spend the rest of my life at home waiting for the perfect moment. I needed diversity, adventure and excitement. However, it was what I already had which would prove to be most important. This is what led me to travel part-time.

Growing up our family moved a lot. There was always a bittersweet feeling of leaving the home I’ve grown accustomed to. Yet I was always excited to reach our new destination. That’s when I realized that I love to travel. I never missed a single class trip (ok except that one time in 7th grade). I was anxious to see where we were going and what we would do. But at the end of the trip, I realized something. The fun time was over and I wanted to go home. I just needed to get home now, nothing else mattered. It literally took me years to realize why.

I fell in love with travel but needed something more…

The previous post I wrote about part time travel pretty much explains why I love it. I find that it’s a great way to balance a life at home with a life on the road. You may have a limited time but you can still enjoy each destination as much as you’d like. Taking your time to actually explore the area, culture and sights one by one can be just as rewarding. Which is why I prefer to travel slow.

I can understand the exciting and romance that comes with full time travel. The world becomes your backyard, you’re free to go wherever you want, whenever you want. You can explore a place deeper before moving on to the next. This way of living is great, but not for everyone. I will admit, just before I created this site I had every intention of travelling full time and still could one day. I thought that was the only way to be a good travel writer. That all changed after my first solo trip.

Realizing that I loved travel and wanted to see more, like Morocco and explore the amazon jungle. To travel down the Congo river and trek the Andes mountains but then I had the same thought that I usually have. Which was “then I’ll come home and share it with all my friends and family.” It hit me there and then, my ┬ádreams of travel always ended the same way since I was little. I always wanted to come home. I never understood why but now I got a pretty good idea.

Home is where you’re heart is, a familiar community with familiar surroundings can bring you great comfort.

No matter how many adventures I plan, how many countries I land in and stamps I had in my passport. There was always a comforting feeling of being home. When I’m here after a while I yearn to travel. I want to get out of my routine and be somewhere new. When I had enough of the place, I wasn’t ready to move onto another destination just yet. I just wanted to come home.

You see, there’s a feeling you get when you find a place to call home. It’s more than just a physical building, it’s a place where you can create memories. The truth about full time travel is that you get to meet so many amazing people and create a bond with them. But eventually you have to say goodbye to them, that’s the hardest part for everyone. I know that at some point, all of us who travel will have meet people we will say goodbye to. But for most parts, we don’t have to.

It all comes down to this, you can travel and live an adventurous life while maintaining the special relationships and community you love. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, at least not for me. Not everyone wants to sell all their possessions, quit their jobs and say goodbye to all their family and friends. There are those who like their jobs and wish to climb the corporate ladder. There are those who love living close to family and some who loves a sense of community no matter where it is. To a part time traveler, this is what brings us back home.

Home isn’t just a house that you live in. It’s the surroundings, people, warmth, comfort and sense of belonging you get when you’re here. Waking up in your own bed, looking through the window to that special view you’ve come to love. Making breakfast in the kitchen. Grabbing a book from your bookshelf, stopping at your favourite cafe to get your favourite cup of coffee, having a drink with co-workers after work, having family and friends over for Sunday dinner, creating memories for a lifetime. These are the moments that matters just as much as travel does.

Travel part-time

For me, part-time travel is having it all. Balancing work, home, community, traditions, meeting new people and travel all in one. Its about making travel a permanent part of your life no matter how limited that time is. And cherishing each and every moments that you get to experience each country while making lifelong memories with the people you love, in the place you call home.

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