Hiking in Jamaica: An amazing place for incredible views

hiking in Jamaica

Growing up in Jamaica you live side by side with nature. This is especially true if you grew up in the country area (I lived there for 5 years during high school). While I was glad to move back to the city, I loved the quiet simple life that was there. The best part had to be living somewhere that’s surrounded by nature. Particularly if you actually enjoy hiking in Jamaica.

There were several different rivers to visit and choose from. Lush greenery surrounding the community and of course, a variety of places to go for a hike. I absolutely loved this aspect of living close to nature. Being an avid hiker and runner, I always looked for a new place to explore by foot. Jamaica is a place filled with various walking and hiking trails to suit any level of fitness.

There are many things that we love about hiking in Jamaica. Each location has something special to offer, but you’re sure to be at peace no matter what path you take. The best things about hiking in Jamaica includes:


Blue mountain trail views
  • Stunning mountain views– One of the best things about hiking in Jamaica is the mountains. The mountains are just so majestic, providing a gorgeous backdrop to the landscape. It’s hard not to notice the beauty of it. Popular trails such as theĀ blue mountains is a perfect destination to soak in all the beauty that the mountains has to offer. Bring something to eat, sit a while and take it all in.
Cockpit country Jamaica
  • Lush landscape– beautiful rollings hills, a variety of trees and plants covering every single area of the land, a complete package of nature. It’s a perfect place to stop for a picnic, empty your mind and be present in the moment. Listening to the sound of wildlife all around communicating with one another. I can’t describe the feeling of being there, in that very moment, enjoying every bit of it.
Mayfield falls river
  • Natural pools– Rivers and little streams sometimes populate certain hiking trails throughout the island. I remember when I lived in Clarendon the many trails that we took to various rivers. The journey was always half the fun. The closer we got to the river, the more we heard gushing water. It’s always an exciting thing when you’re just about to arrive, the bushes open up revealing these amazing pools of nature.
  • Gushing waterfalls– If you’re lucky, you’re hiking trail may include a beautiful waterfall. One popular trail such as Mayfield falls has a nice hike along the river and waterfalls. As you approach the falls, you’ll hear the strong sounds of water crashing into the river. Two of our favourite things to do is to jump off the falls, called cliff diving. The second thing is stand underneath the falls and allow the water to fall on top of you. It’s like a strong yet relaxing massage from nature. You come back feeling both relaxed and extremely tired. Lets just say, you’ll have a nice long nap afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Hiking in Jamaica: An amazing place for incredible views

    1. The best time would have to be either fall or spring. Fall because the temperature is a lot cooler than say summer. Right now, the cool christmas breeze is coming on. Spring for obvious reasons, the plants are blossoming, the earth is green, bright and on a sun shiny day, it’s so beautiful. Then again, I think even when it rains. it’s still so beautiful.

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