Jamaica’s waterfalls: An exotic natural oasis


Nature has a way to charm you with its beauty. You get a sense of peace and calm whenever you’re somewhere beautiful. Jamaica, of course is no exception, being surrounded by nature. You can go to any parish and be happily surprised by what you find there. The one thing that you should know is that Jamaica is filled with gorgeous waterfalls.

These waterfalls are tucked away from the public’s eye. Making the journey to each destination even more thrilling. Of course getting there is half the fun but once you arrive, you’ll see the most remarkable sights. Glossy gushing waterfalls flowing powerfully, surrounded by rugged rocks and lush landscapes. Each waterfall is distinct from the other but all have the same characteristics that makes them irresistible.

Cane river falls, Bull Bay
  • Gushing pristine waters–  The most striking thing about waterfalls is how it flows. The water cascades down into the river and/ sea, delivering a powerful crashing sound that’s both loud and calming. Each waterfall has different shades which makes everyone of them unique. Most people like to stand underneath as the water flows down on top of them. It relaxes the muscles as you feel the strength of the currents flowing. The higher the falls are the more extravagant it looks. Which makes it a fun place to jump off of.
Reach falls Port Antonio
  • Rugged terrain– A waterfall is usually surrounding by rugged rocky terrain. Many visitor’s love climbing on the rocks, sometimes all the way up to the top and dive into the water. It’s important to take precaution when attempting to climb the cliff and step on the rocks. Some places such as Dunn’s river falls  recommend you wear water shoes when climbing. This prevents any slipping and falling which could be harmful for you. However, many people have climbed the falls without the use of any special gear, being mindful of where they step. So just remember safety first, take precaution and dive in!
YS falls, St Elizabeth
  • Beautiful landscape– Surrounding the falls are attractive landscapes. Nature is on full display with amazing exotic greenery all around. Trees standing tall above, tropical plants and flowers, lush vegetation peeking through each and every corner as if it was trying to keep the falls a secret. Constantly hiding the beauty that’s just behind that bush, leaving those determined to find it. Take a moment to wander around and really appreciate how astonishing the area is. Be mindful of where you are and how lucky you are to be in a place so wonderful.
Scatter falls, Port Antonio
  • Tropical wildlife– It’s not uncommon for you to spot all sorts of animals nearby the falls. Many of them call it or the surrounding area home. The kind of tropical animals you’ll see depends on where you go. Many will see a variety of birds such as parrots and humming birds for example the swallow-tailed humming bird, which is the national bird of Jamaica. Others are lucky to see other animals such as wild pigs in places like reach falls Port Antonio trotting across the mountain. I remember floating in a river by a waterfall and looking up on birds looking down on me. The sound of the falls crashing into river with the birds chirping provides a perfect backdrop to the location. Each waterfall offers something special for everyone, you just need to know where to look for it.

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  1. Beautiful photos! And you have a lovely writing style, it’s very smooth and relaxed – a pleasure to read. Hope I can see those waterfalls myself one day! 🙂

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