Best places for outdoor fun in Port Antonio Jamaica

Port Antonio

Port Antonio is city located on the northeast coast of Jamaica. It’s the capital city in the parish of Portland, it’s the island’s third largest port. Port Antonio is a beautiful haven known for it’s gorgeous beaches, lush landscape and top notch jerk centers. Truth be told, I’ve only passed through Portland once but I was forever change by its atmosphere there.

Port Antonio is only 2 and a half to 3 hours away from Kingston. So as a Kingston native, it’s not very hard to get here. Portland itself is an amazing place for both tourists and locals alike. There’s a nice art culture here with many galleries to visit and amazing restaurants to choose from. But Portland is most notable for Boston Bay, otherwise known as the center of jerk in Jamaica.

It goes without saying that Port Antonio offers easy access to adventures in the great outdoors. You will love the lush greenery, impeccable beaches and activities that can be found here. While Port Antonio isn’t as popular as it’s neighboring Ocho Rios, I would recommend you coming here and experiencing it yourself.

If you love exploring natureĀ and enjoy a good adventure then these activities should be perfect for you. Here are the best places for outdoor fun in Port Antonio Jamaica:


  • Blue Lagoon– This tropical lagoon is the most famous place in Port Antonio. It was once called “Blue Hole”. The name changed after the movie “The Blue Lagoon” starring Brooke Shields made it famous. It is about 200 feet deep though thought to have been bottomless. While the fresh water mineral spring comes in about 131 feet deep. The locals once believe that a dragon resides here. A legend that in reality hasn’t scared anyone away from visiting. The lagoon is a great destination for rafting or bathing thanks in parts to it’s mineral springs.


  • Rafting on the Rio Grande– The Rio grande, which mean “big river” is one of the largest river on the island. It’s such a popular tourist site for good reason, surrounded by gorgeous landscape, rugged rocks and glistening waters. Getting there is easy and an adventure in itself. The best thing to do is to go rafting on the river. It’s a 3 hours, 6 mile journey through the gorgeous terrain. So relax, take in the scenery, cozy up with your lover and enjoy the ride.

  • Reach falls– This destination has the most interesting history. Many years ago, runaway slaves in the neighboring parish of St Thomas sought refuge in the John Crow mountains. There, they discovered a tropical waterfall cascading into an emerald river now known as Reach falls. While reach falls isn’t as popular as it’s neighboring Dunn’s river falls, which is about one and a half hours away. Surrounded by 23 species of fern and a variety of birds including the black and yellow billed parrot. You might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a wild pig trotting across the mountain. And did you know that the Tom Cruise film “Cocktail” and the remake of “Lord of the flies“shot here? We did.

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