3 amazing dive sites in Jamaica

dive sites

Growing up on an island exposes you to all sorts of nature. It’s no surprise that Jamaica’s coastline would yield some amazing dive sites. If you’re an avid scuba diver and lover of the ocean then I know this will appeal to you. I have to confess something, I used to be extremely afraid of deep water. I could easily say I watched one too many shark movies such as Deep Blue Sea (which still freaks me out). But I love the ocean so much that fears seems so small.

The first time I dived was in Ocho Rios, I didn’t get too far because I was still so scared. Now that I’m working on getting certified, I can’t wait to get out into the water. I’ve been searching for some great dive sites around the island. I came across some amazing spots that I’ve been close to but never dived.

These spots continue to rank as the best in the country and I can’t wait to explore it myself. Here are some of the best dives sites in Jamaica:

Photo credit Jeff Nelson
  • Widowmaker’s cave– A gem located in Montego bay’s coast. The interesting thing about this dive is that you can enter from the top or bottom. When you want to enter from the bottom, you swim down and enter the cave which is said to be about 80 feet deep. You then swim upwards through a small exit that’s 30 feet deep which resembles a chimney. Or you can enter from the top and exit at the bottom of the cave and recommended that when you enter this way, you make safety stops when ascending to the top. Either way, you sure to see an array of parrot fish, barracudas, black coral and much more.

  • Throne room– Just off the coast of Negril, this large underwater cavern is located 60 feet below the surface. When you dive here, you’ll see alot of yellow sponge (the site famous for it’s huge throne elephant ear sponge). There’s also marine coral and a few nurse sharks, eels, barracudas and variety of colorful fish are frequently seen.

  • SS Kathryn Wreck– Located in one of my favourite places on the island Ocho Rios. I remember watching a youtube video about this wreck. What I learnt about this site is that this wreck, the “WWI mine-sweeper” was purposely sank to create an underwater reef. I can imagine it’s a slightly different dive as a reason. However, those who have dived here says it’s amazing. You can see a variety of marine life, swim around and explore the wheelhouse inside the wreck.

These three dive sites are officially on my list of places I must dive here in Jamaica. Each gorgeous and different from the other. I’ll be keeping you posted on my adventures in each spot. I just can’t wait, LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!

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