How to turn your dreams into reality


The scariest thing that I ever did was pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams at a young age. It’s what I’ve always wanted since I was a little girl. What else could I do? I was helpless. I tried so hard to get a full time job. Without it, I couldn’t pay for school or any personal expenses.

I worked oddball jobs, babysitting, nanny and other work I could get. Before I knew it, five years had passed and still I had gotten nowhere. I wanted to take back control of my life. So instead of waiting for work, I went out to start my own.

If it wasn’t already obvious, I love writing. It’s therapeutic in a sense. I just get out of my head and let the words and story come to me. I originally wanted to go into internet marketing with my own website. Instead my first business was a news site with my brother. I soon learned that 1. I didn’t enjoy writing about news and 2. working with my brother was impossible. We didn’t make the best team and we constantly argued.

My second business was dropshipping on eBay. It was doing ok but not the results that I wanted. What I learnt then was I had no passion for eCommerce. I wanted to go back to writing and creating something. I decided to go back to my original idea of creating my own website and telling the stories that I wanted. This gave birth to the ten foot journey. Each and everyday that I login here, I feel satisfied and fulfilled. It’s true that I haven’t began producing any profit from it as yet (I just started in January) and I still work jobs to help myself. But a least now I’m doing something that I’m passionate about.

How to make your dreams a reality

You may be asking why am I telling you this. We all have dreams, it’s what motivates and inspires us. We set goals so that we can attain our dreams. It can be hard to realize your dreams when it seems like your life is going nowhere. When your stuck in rut and waiting for just one chance to do something great. Everyone dreams, everyone wants their dreams to come true but not everyone is working diligently towards their dreams. So how do you turn those precious dreams into the reality of your life?

  • Understand what your dreams are– I wrote a post about living your dreams and how dreams evolve. You have to think strategically about what dreams you want to come true. The reason why this is so important is dreams that you had as a child or teen may not be what you want as an adult. I wanted to be an archaeologist or judge as a child. While I still love archaeology, I’m not longer interested in working in the field or presiding over a case. My interests have changed as I grew and learnt more about myself. Sometimes our dreams aren’t really even ours. They are influenced by others such as a parent. Learn about yourself, what interests you and gives you passion. Remember that it is you who has to live this life you’ve created. So live it for you and only you.
  • Set goals both small and large– think of your goals as a “to do list”. Let it guide you to your dream step by step. Think about what you can do today or tomorrow that will lead you one step closer towards your dreams. It doesn’t have to be anything major. The first step towards my dreams was to buy a domain name. I had this domain for about a year before I even launched the website. Take little actions towards your goals. Ask yourself each day “am I working enough?” Remind and question yourself, keep it fresh on your mind. It will serve as a daily motivation and increase your productivity.
  • Make time for your goals– In order for you to achieve your goals, you must time for it. You need to clear out some time that you need to work. Whether it’s material things or obligations that no longer serve a purpose in your life. Think about what you can give up now so you can work on your goals. You won’t regret the time you spent building the foundation and space for your dreams.
  • Be realistic– think clearly about your dreams and what you can achieve right now. As much as I would love to jump from A to Z overnight it’s not possible. I know that it takes time to grow a business. It could be a year or two before I see any profit. Setting realistic goals isn’t belittling them but analyzing it to see if it’s achievable . Don’t put too much pressure on goals that aren’t within reach at the moment but on the ones that you can.
  • Ignore negativity– when you make the decision to follow your dreams, you’ll have a ton of naysayers. Some may say you’re crazy, others are out of concern. Lets say for example you decide to quit your job (Not that I’m telling you to) to pursue another dream. You’ll have many who think you’re mad to leave such a well paying job with benefits. You have to remember that whatever you’re doing is for a greater purpose. The sacrifices you are making now will benefit you in the future.
  • Believe in yourself– There days when I feel like what I’m doing is pointless. That I would better off in  a traditional job with a salary. That I have nothing compared to others and their work. Drop that mind set right there. Of course there are times you’ll feel sad and unmotivated. The pressure sometimes feels like it’s just too much. It’s especially true on the days when everything seems like it’s going wrong. Remind yourself that this is just a snag, a pothole in the road to success. There isn’t a single success story out there that didn’t involve minor and major setbacks and obstacles. Don’t think that you’re journey will be any different. Nothing in life comes easy but through hard work and determination. If your dreams really matter, you can push through the hard times and stay on course to your destination.

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