Best outdoor activities to do in Ocho Rios Jamaica

outdoor activities

The port town of Ocho Rios, one of the most popular places to visit for both locals and visitors. It’s a tourist wonderland and a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. There are so many things to do and places to visit in Ocho Rios. You might be wondering what’s the best place to start. I’ve been going there for years and have done some of the most amazing things. It’s a mecca for outdoor activities.

While I was researching online, I realized that there are so much that I’ve still not done there. Now that I’m planning my next trip and as an outdoor enthusiast myself, I’ve decided to compile a list of some of the best outdoor activities to do there. I hope when you plan your next adventure to Ocho Rios, you’ll do one or ALL of these things and have a blast!


  • Cliff Jumping at Irie Blue Hole– Irie Blue Hole or Blue Hole is a nothing short of a hidden treasure. It’s a scenic drive to get there with a hilly terrain leading to the unspoiled falls. The river winds through the forest and opens in the deep blue water. Visitor love swinging from the rope like they were Tarzan as well as jumping off the cliff. If you’re in the mood for some more adventure, there are also some small caves that you can explore.


  • Bobsledding through the rainforest at Mystic Mountain–  Now Rainforest adventures has taken bobsledding to a tropical landscape on Mystic mountain. Mystic mountain is located 5 minutes from the cruise ship pier and Dunn’s river falls. It’s a thrilling ride through the gorgeous tropical rainforest going downhill. I highly recommend you to try it.


  • Scenic drive through Fern Gully– My mind is filled with memories of me falling asleep during family trips and waking up to this gorgeous scenic drive. All I could see were beautiful green plants, trees and heard chirping. My dad lifted me up and told me we were in Fern Gully and I’ve loved it ever since. Fern Gully is a natural gem here. It has undergone some harsh times but continues to flourish. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy seeing the 300 varieties of fern (where it’s name came from). In addition to others plants and species such as the Blue Mahoe, Jamaica’s national tree. A drive through here runs south of Ocho Rios going three miles to the town of Colgate.


  • Ziplining through the tropical rainforest– Ziplining is a very popular activity in Ocho Rios. Imagine flying high and fast through the forest overlooking mind blowing views. Enjoy the thrilling experience of soaring high above the terrains of beautiful river gorges, mountains and a variety of landscapes.


  • Kayaking Rio Bueno and Bengal Falls– This is what I can’t wait to try on my next trip. I have heard so much about the kayaking experience that I can’t wait. This is also located 5 minutes from the cruise ship pier in Ocho Rios. This seemingly fun and thrilling excursion is a challenge but a treat for explorers at heart. Previous kayaking experience is not required but you will be brief about the different safety rules. Once there, you’re taken down a short trail opening up to gorgeous pools and cascading waterfalls running into the river.


  • Water sports–  Many include scuba diving, snorkeling, hover boarding, jet skiing, parasailing and so much more. If you’ve never done any of these then Ocho Rios would be a great place to start. As an avid ocean lover, any adventure in water is an experience worth having.



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