6 things to love about the Caribbean

the Caribbean

The caribbean, the place I call home. It never really registers in your mind how lucky you are to grow up on a island where so many people wish to visit. The caribbean is a region that’s southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and North America’s mainland, east of Central America, north of South America washed by the Caribbean sea while some bordering the North Atlantic ocean. It consists of more than 700 islands, islet, reefs and cays.

When we think about the caribbean, the image of pristine beaches, tropical plants, forest and animals come to mind. Millions of people flock to the caribbean on a yearly basis.  Experiencing the natural beauty, the culture and getaway to relax in the calm of the islands. Every island has something unique to offer that makes them a destination. But there are things they have in common, that makes them so desirable to explore! Here a list of 6 things to love about the caribbean:

Nassau Cable Beach
Old Havana Beach Cuba


  1. The beaches– The beautiful blue waters of the caribbean had to come number one. It would be an outright crime to visit any of the islands without even seeing a beach. With it’s various shades of blue looking out towards the horizon as the sunrise in the morning. And sets in the evening is an amazingly calming sight. Imagine sipping a cup of coffee or wine while watching this great show of nature.



Dunn’s River Falls

2. Waterfalls– When exploring a caribbean island, visiting a waterfall should be on your list of destinations. I’ve witness some of the most beautiful waterfalls growing up here in Jamaica from rivers to beaches. Watching the water as it cascades, it’s one of those beautiful sights that you want to remember whenever you’ve have a tough day and need to escape in the corners of your mind to find some peace.

Outdoor activities in the Caribbean

3. Outdoor activities– With so many activities to choose from, the caribbean is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. From cliff diving and bobsledding in Jamaica and windsurfing in Guadeloupe. Going scuba diving in the Bahamas to trekking through a tropical rainforest. You can choose what activities you want on any given day (unless the weather says otherwise but hey, that’s nature for you!)


Etang National Park Grenada
El Yunque National Park Puerto Rico

4. Tropical rainforests– The caribbean and nature are like bread and butter. It just goes well together. You’ll find so many tropical rainforests across the islands to choose from. There are national park that are preserved in order to keep it’s grounds beautiful and clean. So whenever you visit, please be mindful. Be kind to nature so that we can enjoy it for years to come.

5. The Cuisine– Yum Yum Yum! The herbs, spices and variety of dishes that makes visiting a local restaurant completely worth it. There are many common ingredients that most islands share in the caribbean. These includes  rice, plantains, beans, cassava, cilantro (coriander) and bell peppers. Some others chickpeas, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, coconut, and various meats. There are locally available like beef, poultry, pork or fish. Whether you’re enjoying jerk in Jamaica, spicy curry in Trinidad, Pepperpot in Guyana or Cou-Cou and flying fish in Barbados, you’re sure to experience one of a kind traditional dishes unique to every nation.

People enjoying a West Indies cricket match
Damian Marley and NAS perform together

6. The culture– The culture of another country can be the most exciting aspect of travel. Everything from norms, sports and music are an important part of life. It’s nothing short of an adventure once you leave your hotel room. Go to a local concert, sports or intermingle with the locals there. You may end up making a lifelong friend.





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