The dream of travel and overcoming fears

overcoming fears

Have you ever gone and randomly searched a location just to see what comes up? I have and still do. I’m always so curious about the world and places I’ve never been or heard of. I don’t know if I’ll ever see it all. I’m not even sure if I want to see it all but if I can, I’ll spend the rest of my life discovering more.┬áThis dream of mine has existed since I was a little girl. I’m not sure that anyone understands the extent of it. But overcoming fears I had was essential.

Since the start of this year, I made a pledge to get out. I want to stop talking about it, daydreaming and waiting for this magic feeling that says its time to go. There will never be a perfect time to start living your dream. Life is filled with unexpected turns.  This dream was a long time coming and I decided to begin now.


There’s a phrase here that says “dance a yaad before yuh dance abroad”. What it means is learn what you can from home before you essentially step into the world. Despite the fact that I’ve been to all 14 parishes here in Jamaica, there many beautiful places I have not been. It seemed silly to me to go conquering the world without taking a closer look at my own home. With the plan to move overseas, I’d rather spent the time to get to know what Jamaica has in store.

Realizing a dream

It’s always a scary thing when you’re taking a leap into the unknown by yourself. Doesn’t help either when your loved ones are so fearful and extends that to you. But it all comes down to you, what your fears are and how you can overcome them. These are some serious time with so much happening from crime, political, economical and social issues. The best thing we can do is prepare for the worst and live with the hope that we can overcome. Be vigilant, take a deep breathe and leap.

Doubting yourself, your dreams and abilities is never a good idea. Nothing good can come from it. It will only evoke fear, more doubt and ultimately stop you from living your dream. This is true in whatever you do in life. If you have a goal and want it more than anything, go for it. Take a deep breathe then take the leap. Don’t live your life constantly thinking about all you didn’t do but all that you have.

Worst case scenario…

As a solo female traveler, I try to imagine the worst case scenario and envision what I would do in the situations. You’re mind can wonder about all the things that could go wrong. But honestly, you’re more likely to face trouble at home than on a trip. At present, crime against women is a real concern here. I hear the words of my mother as she reinforces this each time I plan a trip.

Bad things could happen just by stepping outside your homes but often times we don’t think about it. Why? because we live with the hope that everything will be ok. And prepare for the worst and deal with it as best as we can. That’s how we’ve lived for decades, we have no choice but to. Whether it’s a trip to South Africa or the park right across the street from our home, just stepping out of our house is a risk we happily take so that we can live our lives.

Overcoming fears

There many concerns when you make a decision about anything. I know this very well after I decided to start my own business so young. Now I face it again whenever I travel. When you’re about to realize a dream, all sorts of things run through your mind. Nothing in life is completely assured. Situations change, issues arise and problems happen. But for me, the positives always outweighs the “what ifs”. I’m ready to take that leap, are you?

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