Living your dream life and what it means

I want us to just take a minute to reflect. Let’s think about our lives, our dreams, ambitions and expectations. Think back to when we were children, can you remember the dreams that you had? The plans you made and the things you were gonna do. Think about your life now, how many of those dreams have you met? Are you still working towards them or have you forgotten? Or maybe you’ve changed your mind and living a different dream?

I ask these questions as I reflect on my own life. I remember all sorts of plans I had, many ideas about what my dream life would be. Years later, I’m living a completely different life than I imagined for myself at this age. If we were to reflect on our lives and the dreams we onced had for ourselves, we’d realized how much has changed and how much we’ve changed. Our ideas what our dream life is maybe completely different than what we thought before. So what does it mean to be living your dream life?

Understanding your dreams and how they evolve 

In order for your to live your dream life, you have to first know what your dreams are. Dreams are an extension of who we are and our interests. It reflects the people we are now and who we want to be. We can understand our lifestyle and what we want to do with our lives. The phrase “living the dream” isn’t just about success and luxury (unless that’s your dream), it’s about having actual goals and fulfilling them.

Sometimes looking at other people’s life we think that this is what we want for ourselves. It’s very important for us to figure out what we truly want out of life. What we want to study, live, our careers, be married or single, have children or not. You can never be truly happy steering someone else’s dream and their path. It’s your life, you’re the one who will have to live it in the end so choose what really makes you feel alive.

There are some dreams we once had that we no longer think about. This happens because we’ve outgrown them or circumstances has led us down a different path. Let me tell you a story about an old classmate of mine. She always wanted to become a lawyer. When she got into university, she was unable to pay for law school and had to study switch courses. She ended in accounts. This was a problem for her because she has never taken accounts.

She just kept on saying “if only I had the money to study law” which was her dream. But not only did she study accounts, she fell in love with it! She graduated with honors and got a job right out of university. She has no regret taking accounts even though she will always love law. It wasn’t her initial goal but she’s proud to be working in accounts. This is what happens when the road to success becomes bumpy, you learn to maneuver your way out. Unexpected things happen in life, how you deal with them will define you in the end.

When plans change for the better

Sometimes in order for you to achieve your goals, it requires you to changed your approach to getting there. In life things happen that can leave you with no choice but to change your plans. When you’re goals get delayed, it’s up to you to find a different way to achieve them. Its also important to know that you can’t follow someone else’s path to your dreams. You have to carve out your own. The road to success is your road, your path.

It’s ok to be disappointed when your dreams don’t happen how or when you want. Sometimes plans change for the better. I would have never realize my longtime dream of being an entrepreneur if I let the things that went wrong in my life or the changes that took place kept me down. In fact, if it wasn’t for change I wouldn’t be able to do what I love now despite being so young.

Be happy despite the fact that life isn’t what you want it to be right now. I know that there are somethings in your life that makes you happy and you should enjoy the things that matters most to you. In the journey we call life, obstacles are placed in our path to test us. Sometimes we pass, sometimes we fail. We face turbulence, rugged terrains and impossible mountains to climb. But along this journey we can also find truth, understanding, patience, respect, dignity and love.


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